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SMSF Rescue

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Do you have an SMSF with overdue SMSF lodgements and you are not sure where to turn?


Maybe you have an SMSF and are not sure why you have it?


The Australian Tax Office estimates that more than 100,000 SMSF in Australia have overdue lodgements. If this is you, the worst thing you can do is put your head in the sand. Our team have worked with many SMSF Trustees to rescue their SMSFs, even those with missing documentation and compliance issues that have not been audited or lodged for a number of years.  We can work closely with you to get your SMSF lodgements up to date, then we can assist you with either winding the fund up or getting your SMSF back in working order so you can continue your journey to retirement using your SMSF. Once we have your SMSF up to date we can move you onto one of our administration packages.

Our SMSF Rescue service is perfect for SMSF Trustees that currently have one or more years of overdue lodgements with the Australian Tax Office and includes:

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