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SMSF Documentation that lasts beyond your lifetime

As your document agent, we can control the effectiveness of the documentation around your SMSF. Our many years of experience in SMSF allows us to help you maintain compliance and avoid complex outcomes. What we do know is that inferior documentation can have impacts well into the future. This is why our documentation service considers events beyond just your lifetime.

Our Trust Deed has been designed to not requires constant upgrades but allows you to include special provisions including the ability to omit specific people from ever being a member of your fund.

Avoiding complex and costly outcomes

Written and issued by our partner Trusted Legal Solutions, our document service includes:

SMSF Establishment

Corporate Trustee Establishment 

LRBA Establishments

Death Benefit Deeds

Non-Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Pension Documents

Trust Deed upgrades

retired couple walking together

Passing your SMSF on to future generations

Mum and Dad

Founders of Trustee Company and SMSF

Did you know that an SMSF can live forever? You may be able to pass on capital losses to your children. This is only possible if the documents are established, updated, and stored correctly. Don't miss out on a lifetime of opportunities because of poor documentation.

Adult Children

The Next Generation

Continue the family SMSF in perpetuity and take advantage of strategies that stretch over multiple generations.

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Want to get better engaged with your SMSF?

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