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Packages and Pricing

We have one simple option when it comes to how we charge. There are no complex fee schedules to work through.

Our Services Explained


Every SMSF is required to prepare annual financial statements and it is just one of the things we take care of for you.

Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy template and Checklist has been reviewed and approved by one of Australia’s leading SMSF Auditors to help our clients comply with ATO requirements.

Technical Information

With over 40 years’ experience working with SMSF Trustees, our team is on hand to assist with any SMSF compliance inquiries. No call centres or chatbots, just real qualified Australian Accountants.


We also prepare and lodge your SMSF Annual Return and any Business and/or Instalment Activity Statements, Annual PAYG Payment Summary and PAYG Payment Summaries required.

If you need an actuarial certificate we arrange that too.

Document Agent

We work directly with a specialist SMSF legal firm who provides us with all our SMSF legal documents. As your Document Agent we help make the process of obtaining legal document easy.

ASIC Agent

As ASIC Agent we manage the corporate compliance for any companies associated with your SMSF including the corporate Trustee.


We co-ordinate the annual SMSF audit of your SMSF with one of the independent SMSF audit businesses from our panel of Auditors.


An important part of your Trustee responsibility is the retention of information.  Our Records Service assists you by storing and maintaining electronic copies of your important SMSF documents.


Why waste your time gathering documents when we can get them directly? Use our mailbox service to have all of your source documents sent directly to us for safe keeping.

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