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Lifetime SMSF

At Lifetime SMSF we are passionate about your retirement. We know that the journey to retirement determines the quality of your retirement outcomes and we help Australians maximise these outcomes through Best Practice SMSF practices that encourage seamless and simple ongoing management of your SMSF.

With over 4o years experience in the SMSF Industry we deliver industry best SMSF Accounting, Taxation and technical support services to Australians that want the best for their SMSF journey and retirement. With hand picked industry partners we assure our clients that their growth and protection are our only focus.

At Lifetime SMSF we are always looking forward, not only to your retirement but also what retirement looks like for future generations. We action this by not only ensuring that your SMSF can be handed down to your children but we also run our business as sustainably as we can. When you choose Lifetime SMSF to manage your SMSF, you are contributing to a sustainable future.

Our team is led by Matt Heighway. Matt is a CPA / Affiliate Chartered Accountants ANZ with over 20 years experience working with SMSF Trustees. Matt Heighway began his self-managed superannuation career in 2000.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of SMSFs having held leading positions in SMSF Audit, Software, Actuarial and Administration businesses.  Matt is passionate about helping Australians on their SMSF journey, in particular, getting them engaged with their SMSF to ensure the best outcomes when they retire and beyond.


 Total Support 

Support for Australians and the Industry as a whole

 Clear and Present Communication

Timely and accurate communication to Australian families

Best Practice

Industry best SMSF services and partnerships

Ongoing Learning and Teaching

Committed to our ongoing growth and the education of Australian retirement outcomes

Service Value

Confident that our services provide value to our clients


Doing what we can to help meet climate change targets

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To help as many Australians as possible engage with their SMSF, seamlessly manage their SMSF and create better retirement outcomes than they would have done without LIfetime SMSF

To provide Trustees of Self-Managed Super funds with the support that encourages them to better engage with their SMSF via access to education and through clear and valuable Accounting and Taxation services


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