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Cryptocurrency and Your


Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular investment inside Self-Managed Super Funds. This growth is not being driven by Financial Advisers but by Australians interested in accessing a more de-regulated market to help design their own retirement. Whilst many Australian investors are becoming more and more knowledgeable about investing in Cryptocurrency when it comes to using their superannuation, there are administrative aspects and processes that need to be in place to ensure compliance.

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Why Lifetime for Crypto?

If it is important to SMSF Trustees, we make it our job to ensure that we are up to speed with not only SMSF compliance but the process to ensure that the administration of the investment does not cost you thousands each year. Our team understand all aspects of Cryptocurrency and are always eager to help SMSF Trustees successfully manage their annual SMSF Audits after investing in Cryptocurrency

Experts in SMSF Compliance

It is important that you partner with an Accountant that provides current and accurate advice on SMSF Compliance. When it comes to investing in Crypto, your Accountant should be an expert in navigating the administration and working closely with the SMSF Auditor to ensure a clean audit, without additional costs to you.

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